Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Magical Mystical Car

Here are the instructions for the little scooter-car I bought my son for Christmas.

Magical recreational exercise car operation instructions

Offer children the happy gift

High-grade children entertaining vehicle is a new toy for children. It has got many patents and has detected by Chinese Toy Import & Export Test Center. Also it conforms to Europe and American Toy Safety Standard. After put to the marketing. the children vehicle has been hot all over the world. It is easy to operate though it has no battery and gearing. Just to turn the steering wheel. You can run ahead or backward. With mystic power. wonderful appearance, and congregated by environment protection, body -building as well as entertaining. The children vehicle is welcome by children.

1. After going on the car, hold steering wheel and shake left to right. Then that is in motion. If need to accelerate the speed, shake the core of body left to right. The highest speed can reach at 2.8m/persecond.

2.(a). The car can be used on the hard flat such as sitting room, park, squarer, housing area, kindergarten and so on.

(b). As can shake left to right when the car is being driving, that can help exercise lumbar muscles. The design of the round footpad can stimulate the acupuncture point of the foot. That can promote the health of Children's growing.

3. The car chooses high quality platic of PP, ABS, nylon and material bearing, etc.

4.(a). If the car is drive on cement road and asphalt road, it can't be loaded than 55kg.

(b). If the car is on smooth road surfacefor example hard marble, earth brick or terrazzo, it can't be loaded more than 100kg.

5. It makes good use of the theorem of centrifugal force and inertia theorem of human body. No need electric, oil and roll device can move freely.

6. It consists of the body, steering wheel and wheel of the front and rear, etc. only view the chart, then can assemble, But the car is assembled into finished products when it will be retailed in the market.

7. Remark:
(a). Must drive with the accompanying of adult.
(b). Don't drive on the steep slope, rough and uneven of surface.
(c). Strictly forbid driving on the motor vehicle road. The sitting location is better ahead-avoided leaning back, can be overtake the fait of car.

1). Put the bearing of forward foot into the main sheath, use the small hammer offered by us make the bearing and the bottom of sheath closely.

2). Put the steering wheel into the upper sheath, then adjust the direction, screw on the distensibility screw tighter, Lastly put the small cover on the middle of the streering wheel after thedebugging finished. (please note the direction of the small wheels and the bigger wheels the same as the steering wheel). Please contrapose our sample car carefully (the second car you got later).

3). Put the behild right and the lelt foot into the slots of car body, then adjust the position by using the small hammer.