Monday, July 30, 2012

Clients I Enjoy - Part II

Name of company:
ECFASH LIMITED / ec is stand for egg capa

Colors/Objects to Use:
according to the name egg capa, we want something like a egg wear the capa , maybe can have a funny face or what else you think is better.

Colors/Objects to Avoid:
we dont want the face of the egg which wears glasses.

Name of Company:

Tagline, if any:
The best a man can get....Have it your way....It's the real thing.

Clothing,Drinks,Computers,Electronics,shoes, movies,bags

Company Name:
ziwanore production ,wer de party never stops

Colors/Objects to Use:
red en blue,vibrant

Customer Comments:
none,it should something that represents the vibrant youth of 2day

Name of Company:

web service

Colors/Objects to Use:
It is NOT serios, nothing official. nothing that reminds about offices, serios buisines, suits

Customer Comments:
it must be light, easy, comic, funny, friendly...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Its Great Exercise Just Jiggling Around

Hey everybody, let's read this article about good stuff and then picture it in our minds as we go. "And although Pauline isn't yet confident enough to buy sexy lingerie, she drapes a nice sheet over her to achieve the same effect in the bedroom." Some words in this sentence of which I question the validity: 1) isn't yet confident enough (yes, that is indeed the problem. But you can have an article published about your sex life.) 2) nice 3) same

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Magical Evening

I only have 8 Followers now. I think people lost interest when I started pimping my business and also not posting for months. Last night we did a party for Maddie's 16th birthday. A Sleeping Beauty-themed party. We had a projector and showed the movie on the side of the house. They danced and played and ate a large assortment of things. Maddie dressed like this.
It was a major pain in the buttocks to prepare, but it was fun, and I'm glad we got a chance to reward her for being a good daughter and sister. It seems like 16 years is too old for someone as young as I remember her being. It seems like my age is not enough for to have had a child sixteen years ago. It's weird.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Wow, it's been a while since I posted. I'll catch you up. I broke my elbow, and I bought a Bug. And we made a video for Business Logos that you will share with your friends and colleagues if you have even a shred of human decency.