Thursday, November 09, 2006

Halloween costumes at my work - part II

Hey, it's working! Happy day.

16 weeks of productive Wednesday nights

OK, I'm sick of this selective uploading feature on Blogger. It wont post my halloween pics, but it will upload this stupid Lost gif.

I enjoy Kate nekkid and all, but last night's episode bugs me more every time I think about it = 2 times an hour. There was supposed to be some answers. There were none. The cliffhanger is not really a cliffhanger if the guy that might die is dying anyway, and the girl that is escaping is on an island. I want to show some sack and just boycott. But of course, I'm too invested. I will be there on my couch, eating the nachos and watching ABC on February 7 like everybody else. But if there is not an Alex or at least a Juliette flashback in that first episode, I will be forced to lay down a heavy penalty.

Alex is that dark-haired vixen that shows up to provide confusion every 5th episode. I like her hair and lip shape. Plus, the actress is about 4 feet tall in real life, so I'd be able to put her in my shirt pocket and go on adventures with her and possibly solve crimes.