Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This is BIG TIME

Now YOU can see the Interview of the Century. And try not to fall in love with the host as I did accidentally.
Go to

Click on Watch Now (it's a button on the right edge of the screen)

It tells you to download a little program, so you click on "Download." It doesn't take too long. And it only works on PCs.

Then push Install when the install button comes up.

Then click the button that comes up when its finished installing.

A tv screen comes up.

Look at the bottom of the screen, it has VCR buttons, dates, a scrubber, etc.

Click on the - (minus) button to get to October 24.

Use the scrubber (it's a click and drag format) to drag the timeline to about 6:18 p.m. It's a green bar with the word "Mountain" on it.

Don't wet yourself when you see Orrin Hatch, because he'll be replaced very soon by better looking people with more interesting things to say. Try not to be distracted by the coughs I was doing throughout the segment. And understand that when I say "Load of the RIngs" I meant to say "Lord of the RIngs" and when I said "phenomenon" I meant "thing".

Then: pass it around to all your friends, Tell them to buy the book, lest we send the Danites after them.

Monday, October 16, 2006

United 93

Saturday I saw a movie that was this equation:

World Trade Center - Poo(Hollywood) x Saving Private Ryan x X where X=awesome. It showed exactly what it needed to show, without adding glitz and polish and f/x, which was refreshing. It shows you in real time what was happening on the ground, in a world where crashing an airplane into a building just was not done. Therefore, when they were trying to find the missing airplanes, it took a while for them to understand that they were hijacked, let alone in the World Trade Center's smoking holes, even when they were watching it on TV. So powerful. So well done. Go rent it NOW.

It's So Time For Extremely Prejudiced Missiles

This is a different world, Bush. Don't listen to the media, stop worrying about the UN, just do what needs to be done and just take this whackjob OUT. Send a small team of Marines. Send an air strike. There's no negotiating with this guy, especially when he's making threats like this.

If it doesnt happen soon, I'm going to be forced to go over there and deliver some death. I could use those shades in my collection.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Land of the Lost

Tonight's the Season Premiere of ABC's Lost and this is the source of all your Lost answers and secrets. After getting home from the UK and seeing the first 3 episodes, I felt it might be a nice thing for my friends that are also fans to get the answers the the questions we've discussed all summer. Alias's Abram wrote and directed a beautiful premiere, but read no further if you want to be surprised.

Locke: Our favorite box-company account manager is injured once again. His legs are fine, but his left arm is completely blown off! It is all blackened and charred, and to me it looks like it's been chewed by Smoky the Beast, but he refuses to talk to anyone about it. He's recovering in a lean-to(thanks to Eko) next to the former hatch/hole. We'll see if the island can heal this injury.

Jack: The majority of the first episode is Jack's flashback. He's tied up in a hut, answering questions and devising a way to escape. he has seen the other computer (supposedly the one that Walt was using to communicate with his dad) and it is just flashing SYSTEM ERROR. The flashback deals with his homosexual tendencies and a lifechanging "streaking" event he had when he was 7.

Charlie is now deaf in both ears, which is nice, because Claire wants to talk to him about taking their relationship to the next level.

Hurley has his first nude scene! A full frontal of him showering in the Pearl hatch's shower is the opening shot of the season. And it is hotter than you would think.

That baby, Adam or John or whatever, is kidnapped by the Others and is breastfed by a completely stoned Miss Clue. Her crack cocaine is passed on to him, and causes him to go into a deep coma. The Others have to rely on Dr. Jack to get the baby back to normal.

The Marshalls make it to the crystal table and are attempting to get back to their time when the Sleestacks show up.

Sawyer is now the love slave of fake beard dude.

The ghost of Ana Maria appears to Rose and they discuss the book "Watership Down" for the entire 3rd episode.

That's about all I can remember. If you have questions, just post a comment and I'll answer it as soon as I can. Have fun tonight!

Monday, October 02, 2006

What is Golf?

What is the "perfect" way to swing a golf club? What is the ideal attire? Is there an example of golf perfection? A picture is worth a hundred answers.