Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I signed up at a t-shirt site so I could submit a good design. This one. Hopefully it will win me $500. 

They haven't responded to the design yet, nor is there a place to judge other people's designs, but in the week since, they've sent me no less than 5 emails telling me that this neat design "Tee Time" was available for $6. 

It's a design based on a movie quote, I guess, but it doesn't mean anything to me. 5 times advertising the same neat shirt seems a little excessive. So today I decided to unsubscribe from their emails. They then did what I enjoy most, which is an email saying I won't get any more emails. 

I responded:

They responded:

I responded:

I guess I'll keep posting any follow-up they send. My prediction is that it will be something from the info email, telling me to respond back to it with my inquiry. That should be fun.