Sunday, December 11, 2011

Good News and Bad News

Life has given me some good news and bad news this month.

Bad news: The furnace broke, and it will cost $600 to fix.
Good news: The furnace guy found the part for $300.

Bad news: The dryer broke down
Good news: We...get a new dryer.

Bad news: My car was broken into in SLC on Friday night. The douchebag took my laptop bag, containing my laptop, ipod, and many little things I held dear.
Good news: The laptop is my work's, and it's been backed up. So I didnt lose any files. I also didnt have sensitive info saved on it. So it could have been worse. I've been told that Apple has a lot of methods for tracking down laptop thieves, too, so that's good. Also, it'll only be $145 to fix the window, because the glass repair biz is highly competitive.

Hopefully the rest of December gets better, though. I'm getting kind of sick of these ups and downs.