Thursday, January 25, 2007


They changed the day. It will now be tomorrow instead of Tuesday. It'll happen at noon and take about 3 hours. I'm a little queasy. Here's a picture of my little man. And a picture of me watching an insane girl on American Idol. Try not to fall in love.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How's Your Kid?

After being asked this thoughtful and appreciated question for the 100th time today, I decided I should make a quick post to refer people to, so they can stay informed and also see cute pictures of a cute kid.

He's good. I'm worried that he'll get another cold or stomach flu virus or something right before he needs to have his surgery, which is scheduled for January 30. But he's fine. Very energetic, happy, and silly.

This kid is a nut. He knows exactly what makes you laugh, and he'll do it again and again. He knows that if a camera is pointed at him, he needs to squint in anticipation of the flash, and he knows not to get into stuff, but he'll act all cute when you catch him, so its impossible to get mad at him. He's such a happy, funny kid, and I'm really loving this stage of his life.

I just want to get this surgery over with and get him home and spoiled and recovered. I'm sick of the tension and wait.

Here's some pics of him when he went to the hospital. Although he wasn't drunk at the time, he sure does look like it.

Friday, January 12, 2007

I have cute chops

This is the best they've ever looked. They did most of the bowling for me.

I have cute kids

This is at the balloon fest in Ogden. I love how they all have the same eyes