Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ode to Junko

With love and affection
You showed me the connection
between Oranges and Graphic Design.

With a crash your marriage broke
Maybe because you let me stroke
the silky black hair on the top of your fingers.

O Junko, I bady mangled your name
when to Unicity I first came.
And now I consider you a true and valued friend.

Sugar Beet is Down.

Looks like somebody didnt pay their bills, cause the site has been down for a while now. You can still find the tasty goodness of the Beet in Google's archives here: and then to see the past issues, just click on the Archives part in the top right. And then to go back you click back. And then to print, you go File>Print. I try to be helpful where I can.

The last issue #31 was printed this week, and it's sad to be done. Now the work on the book starts, and luckily we have a little funds to get it published.

Current Lovers

Lover #1: I found a place here in Orem that sells Facturas. These are little pastries tthat they put various things on like powdered sugar, dulce de leche, yellow pudding, etc. I lived on them when I was in Buenos Aires, and didnt know I could find them here WITHIN 10 MINUTES OF MY HOUSE! They're the perfect thing for putting into my mouth and chewing and swallowing, so I go there about once daily to get a dozen. Let's do some math.

350 calories=1 factura
12 facturas-daily consumption rate

12*350=2 inches of belly growth/day.

Lover #2: Common Cents. This gas station here by my work. They say good morning to me, and...well, that's about the only reason to love it. It has the same quality of goods and services as the other 12 gas stations around here, but they always say good morning as I walk in. So I go there, and love them.

Lover #3: Leslie Cabarga's book on Color Combinations. I still havent figured out how to put a link into the text of my blog, so here it is:

Lover #4: Frank Miller's Sin City books. I just finished "Hell and Back" and the artwork is amazing. A graphic novel can be done so cheesiily, but when it's done right, it's glorious. The section where the main character is hallucinating, and it goes to colors and strange, funky images will make you crap your pants in delight. So plan ahead.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Back to the Mac

Today I finally switched back to my true love. After almost 2 years working for 8 hours on a Windows machine, I finally switched back to good old Apple's most kick-A product, the iMac. It's one of those new G5s with the huge wide screen, and it's all contained in this sleek thin monitor.

I've been using a g4 at home, and I love it, so now it's nice to be on a mac all day, with the iTunes radio playing the ambient beats and the desktop breathing easy with all the extra space.