Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Back to the Mac

Today I finally switched back to my true love. After almost 2 years working for 8 hours on a Windows machine, I finally switched back to good old Apple's most kick-A product, the iMac. It's one of those new G5s with the huge wide screen, and it's all contained in this sleek thin monitor.

I've been using a g4 at home, and I love it, so now it's nice to be on a mac all day, with the iTunes radio playing the ambient beats and the desktop breathing easy with all the extra space.


Christopher Bigelow said...

I'm still stuck on a Mac, which is like someone squatting over my face all day and pooing. It's such a relief to get home to my PC, which actually seems to work right almost the time, rather than having little daily stupidities. And I only have to restart the PC every quarter or so, and by CHOICE, instead of about every five minutes for the Mac.

luxuryluke said...

Seems like this is something we all agree on, then. Roit!