Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Animal Logo Wednesday - 3 Chicks

Once I had a chick for a pet that my niece Sylvia painted blue. She claimed she didn't know how it got painted blue, but she was lying.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Illustration Tuesday

Dave: "Moses driving the Batmobile through the Red Sea. A random guy that is definitely not Yul Brynner is giving chase in chariot drawn by three doves." submitted by D. Browning

Clarification of Random Illustration Tuesday

Here's a better definition of the adjective Random: proceeding, made, or occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern.

And here's an example.

1) A guy with a handlebar mustache riding a sailboard and saying "Yippee kai-ay!"
2) Two mushrooms with happy faces. They are in love.
3) A roller coaster that spells out the words "Just like last time!"
4) A department store salesman fellow for an upper class store like Macy's
or something saying "Welcome to Macy's or something"
5) a llama, a monkey, a dog pointing, and a potato.
6) the words Idaho Reunion '07

So no more requests for pictures of yourself (as fun as they may be).

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Animal Logo Wednesday - Frog and Turtle

This was for a herpetological scientific journal site. They study herpes cases in reptiles and amphibians, so they wanted a frog and a turtle.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random Illustration Tuesday

"A cloud is floating past the world's highest nicaraguan flag. The cloud feels patriotic andattributes his nearness to the flag to his own abilities" -submitted by Joel

Random Illustration Tuesday

"I would like a picture of me with my shirt off (only I am all ripped like a superhero) riding that big flying dog/dragon thing from the neverending story, only the dog/dragon has a haircut and jewelry that makes him look like Mr. T. We are fighting Darth Vader who is in a tie fighter. I am fighting him with a nerf gun and this is all taking place over the eiffel tower." submitted by Z. Rasmussen

Random Illustration Tuesday

I would like to ask you to draw my new profile photo for Facebook. (don't be a Facebook hater.)

All I ask is that you include my pets: 1-Small, 1- X small, 1 - XX small black Chihuahua...2 Bearded Dragons, 1 - Fire Bellied Toad, 3 - Tarantulas. If I am wearing a Dickies jump suit and have an Ascot, that is a plus. I have a gray fluffy cat too.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Animal Logo Wednesday - Panda

Pandas have a unique enlarged bone called the pseudo thumb. Just like me!

Results of Random Illustration Tuesday

We only had one request, and it was late. What's wrong with you people?

"I want a picture of Bigelow eating Cheetos but each one of them has Bigelow's face on it. He needs to have a "Here's Johnny" look on his face (from The Shining) as he eats them.

Oh, and there is a Quinceañera party going on in the background with very loud music. " submitted by N. Harris

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Introducing Random Illustration Tuesday

Now on Tuesdays you can ask me to draw whatever and I will draw and post it within one (1) hour of noticing it. And I do mean "whatever". Here are three example requests from Joel and the resulting artwork:

1) A banana, but instead of a peel, it's wrapped in a tortilla. It has a Reese Witherspoon chin.

2) Two fellows. One is posing as the letter A. The other is mocking him.

3) An enormous cruise liner saddled up on a ladybug. The ladybug says "Get these reins outta my mouth!" in a very attitudinal fashion.

The best example of doing this, though, is the Breathtaking Work of Monumental Glory I did for the Idaho Reunion. But now I can't find the artwork, nor the request that Joel made. Joel, send that to me, please.

The reason for this new addition to my blog output is because it's fun. And I do it every day anyway at my job.

Friday, October 29, 2010


I'm the font Scriptina. It's an ugly, overdone font with obnoxious swirly descenders and ascenders that people like to use for wedding invitations. All the designers in my dept are annoying fonts.

Laura D went as a Roguefish. Everyone in her dept. is a fish of some kind. Good job, Deeseph. Hey Mandi, come trick or treating at 3:30. You can even bring the kids.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Text to use" means Font Suggestion



This is what the Creative Brief said. So we all do logos for the company name "papryus". I put in my comments "Is Papyrus intentionally misspelled?"

After looking at all the initial comps, the client writes a revision brief that says "the script suggestion was papyrus the NAME OF THE JEWELRY LINE IS ENHANCING LIGHT"

Nowhere in the Creative Brief had this been mentioned. This is awesome, because:
A) They're suggesting we use the most overused ugly font on our computer, and
B) They figured we'd just intuitively know what their company name is.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Animal Logo Wednesday - Dove

Doves produce "crop milk" which is secreted by a sloughing of fluid-filled cells from the lining of their alimentary tract. Not only is it delicious on toast, it's what they make Dove Soap out of.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And He's Got a Lot of Guns: A Story of Revenge and Brotheres

Sometimes I get awesome ideas when I'm sleeping, and when I say awesome I mean retarded. The other night, I woke up at 3 am, fresh from a good long dream with lots of action and story arcs. I didn't want to wake up in the morning with it forgotten, because I could flesh out the details and have a bestseller. I couldn't find a pen. I grabbed my laptop.

Here is is, exactly how I wrote it.

extreme bullies terrorists threaten that if a man rancher that if he tells cops they will kikll his family. he calls cops and they come adn bullies show up to kkill famile and he waits for he rigth moment with sheriif there and a midget starts climbing attic ladder and he shoots him off and then shoots leader. Hes john m browning and theyre bothe=brotheres and the rest is him defending family and hes got a lot of guns and isabel asked if he called cops and he said yes and she looked relieved. set in old west but lots of details aout john m and awesomeness

So it looks like a kind of re-writing of the John M Browning story. By the way, good luck stealing this. I'm putting a ™ right here: TM

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Logo Wednesday-A Quick Little Story About Animal Logos

Today it's SuperGator vs. MegaFrog. The Creative Brief said this:


We want animal mascot to have a cartoonish appearance with human like facial expressions, not a standard animal photo"

I don't know why this is under things they DON'T want, but oh well. They didn't specify which animal (which should have raised some red flags), but all the designers did a good job and gave them various mascots to choose from. Their initial comps included a dog, wolf, penguin, koala bear, rabbit, cheetah, and these two guys.

He chose my frog, because he liked the pose and expression. Then the Revision Brief said this:

"maybe experiment with different animals with similar likeable, big cat, or dolphin maybe. Maybe, add some clothing to the animal character to make him "hip" or "cool" like possibly sunglasses, maybe a bermuda shirt."

So then we gave them another dog, 2 dolphins, a lion, and a modified frog. After many rounds of revisions, they finalized on this cute little animal mascot.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crouching Bear, Hidden Alligator

As you can probably guess, this is for a company that sells religious products.

must use a alligator

must use a bear (brown)

do not put them separate (make them appear as one) the aligator on its stomach with the bear kind of behind the aligator.

Tune in tomorrow to see what the hell I'm going to come up with!

And your name again?

By the look of this person's site, his name is Paul Browning, as well.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Animal Logo Wednesday - Monkey

Grandpa Simpson: "He used to be smart as a chimp, but now ... he's dumb as a monkey."

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Forget, Remembered

Forget was much cooler than I could have imagined. I want to live there. In the background there you can see an old old Catholic church. That's right next to where I stayed.

Heres the new sign. I kinda liked the old one...but these will have to do.

This is me accompanying Don on When I'm 64. He sang it to his wife. She sang and played some songs she had written. It was a fun night.

I documented the honey extraction and got to taste some raw honeycomb.

This used to be a nunnery that is now a bed and breakfast called Inn of the 7 Sisters. I stayed here.

Thursday, September 09, 2010


I leave tonight to go do some photography work for a beloved client, Ananda, in Saskatchewan, Canada. I'll be staying in a nunnery.

Around minute 2:30 in the video you can see the 4 logos I did for them.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Animal Logo Wednesday - Falcon

Speaking of falcons, George Lucas came up with the design for the Millennium Falcon when he was looking at a half-eaten hamburger. And the cockpit was inspired by the olive garnishing that same hamburger. I'm going to go punch myself in the crotch for knowing that.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Animal Logo Wednesday

"When male alpacas fight they scream a warbling bird-like cry, presumably intended to terrify the opponent. Some breeds are known to make a "wark" noise when excited."

Bruce Lee did that, too. I'd like to watch him fight an alpaca. Or just listen.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Animal Logo Wednesday - Lynx

It's commonly believed that the tufts act as a hearing aid/antennae. Like my ear hair.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Animal Logo Wednesday - Fish

How can I describe what you kids are?

From the Utah National Parks Council Pack Meeting Guide.

Hot Dog Roast Ceremony

Cubmaster: What do we need to roast a hot dog?

Cubs: We need fuel to burn.

Cubmaster: We can liken this to the potential each boy has deep within him, but fuel and potential cannot do anything unless it is ignited. What can we use to light this fuel?

Cubs: A match.

Cubmaster: This match is like a boy's desire to achieve, to reach for the stars. The desire is the match that lights the fire and gets it burning. We're ready to cook. what should we cook?

Cubs: Hot dogs!

Cubmaster: This hot dog represents each boy. The hot dog cannot put itself on a stick, it needs guidance, and so does every boy. The Scout program is what we use to guide the boy. After it's cooked, it is slid inside a bun with mustard and ketchup. The bun represents advancements; the mustard and ketchup represent arrow points. it takes a lot of work for a boy to earn his advancements...

There the analogy starts to break down. There's a lot of different resources and guides for planning a pack meeting, but guess which one I chose for today's? When am I ever going to have the opportunity again to say such awesome things in front of a large group of people?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Makin New Friends

I just came into work to get caught up. It's pretty late, but there are still some cars here, and I found a sweet spot close to the door, right next to a Honda Civic. As I stopped the car, I busied myself with disentangling my headphone cords, getting out of my seatbelt, and finding my wallet.

Oh yes, and lifting my leg up as I opened the door to release an enormous splattery "journey's-end" fart.

Did you know that the Pilot's seat is pretty much level with the window of a Honda Civic? And if, for example, a lady you didn't notice was sitting there in the car, waiting for her husband with the windows rolled down, the methane could theoretically be onto her tastebuds within 2 seconds? It's true.

Animal Logo Wednesday - Beaver Doctor

No, not a gynecologist. A family practice in a place called Beaverdam.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why I "do my own thing" at Pack Meetings

(From the Cubmaster's handbook for July's Pack Meeting"


Props: Cubmaster should wear a sailor hat.

Let’s take a cruise aboard the U.S. Citizenship. Be proud of your country! Keep your pledge to your flag. Be dependable and responsible. Help those less fortunate. Be cooperative. Be polite. Obey the laws. Keep America beautiful! As we return to port, I hope you will continue to sail on the U.S. Citizenship.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Laura D

Last night my sister sent me a picture she took. She spent the weekend in Denver to go to some baseball game, so I'm assuming this is at the game. This morning I've been sending her my artistic reworks of her picture.

The last one was a suggestion by Mandoo. You're welcome, Laura D.