Monday, August 20, 2007

Sunday Trippin'

Sunday I had a fun experience involving the kids in my primary. The previous night I had manufactured a fairly awesome mechanism which involved a needle-topped star that rose up a string. It moved according to the quality of the kids' singing. If it got to the top, it would pop a large balloon, which gets the kids' hearts a'racin'. It worked well with one song, with all the kids laughing and shouting. I immediately went into panicky, let's-keep-it-quiet mode and started shushing them while blowing up a new balloon. For some reason, I worry a lot about the kids being loud and provoking wrath from a neighboring meeting, even though I'm the one that usually incites them to irreverence and frivolity.

I was almost out of my allotted time, so I quickly tried to get the new balloon to clip to the top. My apelike grip snapped the heavy duty black clip, but I had brought backups, since I'm well aware of my propensity to break things. I half-skipped over to the piano to get the spare clips, but not before hooking my leg on the easel supporting the display. Everything came down, luckily missing the kids, who were all laughing and pointing. I did a long fall/trip all the way past the podium to the area behind the piano, where Mandi was attempting to duck down even further, so noone would associate her with this mess. Then I got up and announced it was time for Singing Time to end.

That night I decided to relax in the hammock with Oliver. I called him over and got in the hammock. We had bought the support straps online, thinking they were a big improvement over the chains and wires we had used previously to suspend the hammock. I guess that being outside in the rain somehow corroded the straps, because once I got in and laid back, I immediately found myself hitting the railroad tie underneath as hard as you can expect. Yes, the pain was intense. The back of my head was throbbing, and for a a few seconds I couldnt breathe. Oliver came to tell me "gettup daddy" while I tried to assess the damage. I was thinking, "If only Mandi was here, so she could laugh at me and then drive me to the ER" The spine seemed intact. I think I did most of the damage to my internal organs and head. I told Oliver that daddy fell down and he said "Oh, I sorry....Kissit?" Then he kissed my back for me. That and 4 Advil Liquigels soon got me right as rain. I'm glad he wasn't in the hammock with me. Should I sue the hammock strap company?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


This is at my cousin Nan's house. We all have good lookin firm abdomens that we're proud of.