Friday, September 30, 2011

7 Awesome Design Clients

7. Is there anything specific that you DEFINITELY want to see in your logo?
-I want a MAP like the ones I attached.
-I want Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro area map with the Mississippi River running through (as it is on the map.
-I want highways 694,494,394, and 94 labelled on the map (see drawing, and map attached).
-On the top of the map, I want a faucet, maybe suggesting to clients to not let your faucet run like the Mississippi.

6. Why did you choose this particular composition?
It is the closest to the vision the Lord gave me. I am so excited! My heart is overwhelmed! The logo is taking shape and getting so close to the vision. I love the crown! I love the multiple shades of the children. You are doing a wonderful job. Thanks for your patience in helping me to develop a logo that I love and is pleasing to God.

5. Please enter the exact name you would like to appear in the logo.
Three Wishes or etcetera or Georgies or Inside Out

4. Is there anything specific that you DEFINITELY want to see in your logo?
I want this to include every symbol of every religion. If you want to include secret things as well, im open for suggestion.

3. Is there anything specific that you DEFINITELY want to see in your logo?

I want symbols that show the scope of this application. A collage of symbols could include a reference to birth (e.g., a baby), death (e.g., tombstone or casket), marriage (e.g., bride and groom), divorce (? - be creative), accounting (?), and statistics (e.g., bar graph or pie chart). And the outline of the state of Kentucky.

2. Is there anything specific that you DEFINITELY want to see in your logo?
Yes, a sketch from my daughter 4 years ago, recreated exactly. Rainbow Colored Glossy Background, fading gradually from Yellow at the top to blue, pink, etc filling entire background of card.

1. Please give us any other information that could assist us in producing your ideal logo and identity:
Finally, if we could get a monkey playing banjo and riding a unicorn, jumping over the u in church...that would be swell...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Animal Logo Wednesday - Orangutan

"The baby orangutan who is running, cool looking and high tech that will be in my logo must represent the following traits
Reflecting: The letters must reflect a little.
Understanding: The critter must have big eyes to show understanding.
Negotiating: The critter must be running
Innovating: The critter (baby orangutan) must look innovative. Perhaps carrying an Iphone or Ipad.
Networking: The baby orangutan must be social, funny, fun."

I'm going to miss this place.

Friday, September 09, 2011

I'll State that it was Fair

Took the fam to the State Fair yesterday. Belly had a cake that took Second Place, but I didnt get a picture of it. See Mandi's blog in about 2 years to see a picture of it.

What I did see was a booth that said this:

I was hoping that after paying a dollar, I would see this:

or even this:

But what I got was this:

But the Fair made it up to me by letting me see this awesome 10-ft Robot:

And the juggler really entertained Oliver:

The hypnotizer hypnotized me until I realized the Sea Lion show was starting, at which point I stopped performing, and he asked me to leave the stage. The Sea Lion show shocked and entertained us.

But the best part was an exhibit in the arts n crafts building. Imagine a cow. Or just look at this

Now imagine it MADE OF BUTTER. You read that correctly. BUTTER.

Now times that by 4. Carry the 7. That's what I saw last night. A FAMILY OF COWS MADE OF BUTTER.


I want to make 9/11 National Crotchpunch a Truther Day