Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Balls of Fury

I forgot to get Alex's bike fixed, so out of guilt yesterday I got him a new Xbox game. As I walked in the door, I challenged him to a match. I practiced and mastered the tutorial while he did homework, then we began. He won me three games in a row...I think I got one point. The kid is a natural at any game that is in video format.

Isabel then asks to play. I hand it over and soon they are doing smashing it back and forth. They accomplish a rally of 475. That's 475 hits. Without. Stopping. Mandi gives them chores, and they continue playing while doing their chores. They didn't have one match that was less than 200 volleys.

Hopefully our future involves fighting all the world's problems with Xbox controllers. If so, I think we're in good hands.