Monday, March 10, 2008

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ensenada, part �?tyři

I think I can sum up the enjoyment of the trip with this video clip.

Ensenada, part drei

See this mermaid? The day before, it was here in front of this mermaid, that the competition for the Sexiest Legs occurred. Those of you that have seen my legs can guess who the winner was. I got a medal, a Royal Caribbean hat, and frequent recognition and kudos throughout the rest of the cruise. Unfortunately, the camera was not functioning during the competition, so my erotic dance number was only captured in the hearts and minds of all those present.

A seagull pooped on my shoulder. It was a two-part poop, the first part falling on Kelly's chair. You can see it in the background.

Sometimes when we entered our stateroom, we found that the attendant had folded our towels into animals. I think I can do that. I've already taught myself how to make a dead cat that's been run over by a semi.

Even though the trip was pretty fun, I was overjoyed to see my kids again.

Ensenada, Part Deux

Because the owner was nice enough to guard our cart while we shopped, we ate at a nice little outdoor place. Vendors of name-etched rice, bracelets, and shoeshines swarmed us like mexican bees. I purchased 2 songs from a gentleman who gradually moved closer and closer until he was actually playing from inside my ear.

Inspired by the man's talent, I went and purchased a guitar for Oliver, and I practiced it with some other musicians, both living and non.

The drinks on this cruise were fanciful and umbrella-ridden.

How was Ensenada, you ask

This is us on the plane. It worked out very smoothly, because the couple we were going with arrived by car right when we landed.

After getting settled in our closet/room, we had a lifeboat training that was both mandatory and educational. I learned that there was only enought lifeboats for 500 of the 2500 of us passengers. In the event of a sinking, they follow the procedures we learned in Titanic and enter in the lifeboats in order of wealth. At our income level, we were told to just relax in our bed and try to take deep gulps of water to get it over quicker.

I don't know what worry dolls are, but this store was awesome. It had every kind of skeletal figurine imaginable.

Losers take expensive excursions to see Labufadora and other sites. Awesome-heads like us just rent a golf cart and do their own excursioning.