Thursday, February 14, 2013

Comic Book Ads Were Neat.

I spent about $14 a month for crap from comic book ads during the ages of 10-12.

Monday, February 11, 2013

More Creative Brief Goodness

Let's keep it classy

"Since I am selling jeweled bra straps I want the logo to convey that. Maybe a simple font but with some sort of glitz treatment. But want it to still look tasteful and not cheesy."

Specific Target market

"Product line is for babies. Products are geared towards Asian Americans specifically moms with asian babies (moms are not necessarily asian). must show an image of an asian baby wrapped in a wonton skin"

This shouldn't be too hard.

"Old time comfort feel, but innovation and technology as well. Leave it to Beaver meets Lady Gaga."

Thank you, I think

"It has a feeling of fluidity and elegance. The design is in motion and not stagnant. It is reaching out, which is powerful for the obvious reasons. It seems confident and reckless (with wit - in an artistically daring way) and the coloring/shading is beautiful"

So, something historically-based

"a look of future energy and cool high tech etc. cutting futuristic very futuristic look way in the future!!!"

Combine colors, but not too much

Company name: Host Fatherzzz
"BLUE WITH GLOSSY SHINE IN COMBINATION OF WHITE COLOUR; WHERE H OF HOST AND F OF FATHER SHOULD BE MORE IMPRESSIVE. make it nice nd it should look like proffesional nd tenxx for ur help. Not to much color combination"

This is a product I could get behind

Company Name: Commercial Adz
Colors/Objects to Use: Object: maybach
Additional comments: guide of east 

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Most Magical Birthday Gift

Until recently, my best birthday gift was a cake shaped like Batman that my mom made for me. Or maybe it was an Oingo Boingo drumstick.

Mandi had told me to take Friday off, so I assumed we were going somewhere. I thought maybe a night at a bed n breakfast was in store for me, but I had no idea how nice my lady was.

Friday morning, she said, "pack some shorts, we're going to Vegas." Hot diggety, I said. I like Vegas. I don't ever gamble or get hookers, I just like to experience hotels and see Fremont Street and make fun of the weird people. And there's a Chevy's there.

On they way, we went to Jack in the Box in St. George. I always insist on stopping there so I can order many tacos and then eat most of them. The tacos are really good.

We stayed the first night in the Palms hotel. It is a very nice hotel, as evidenced in this picture. This is a Lambo parked in front. If I had this car, I would approve of it's paint job. The clerk upgraded us cause he wasnt a dick, and it was my birthday. So we got the really nice suite with two rooms and a tub in the bedroom.

This is a picture of that tub, and a tubby man.

It was kind of overcast, which was nice for walking and driving. We ate at a $40 buffet place that had sushi and every other kind of food. I had waffles, red velvet pancakes, noodles, eggrolls, rice, 3 tacos, cheesecake, sushi, cucumber juice, orange juice, dr. pepper, some kind of meat, and 4 creme brulees. I wonder if Bruce Lee liked Creme Brulees.

This picture of the Caesar's Palace pool shows you the overcastness of the day. The pool was closed, but we didnt care, because we were just there to eat food.

We also went to the Bellagio to see the fountain show and the flowers. I didnt want to very much, but it was fun. Unfortunately for Mandoo, I was kind of an old man during this trip, not wanting to do much other than hang out in the hotel room. She urged me to get off my butt and do stuff.

This is an explosion of coins and a cobra that was at the Bellaggio. They were celebrating Chinese Awareness for some reason.

The next night we stayed at the Trump hotel. Since the clerk there WAS a dick, the room was not upgraded to our satisfaction. The bathroom mirror had a tv in it, though, that you could watch from the bathtub. If you don't think that's super-awesome, I just feel sorry for you, man.

That night we had Domino's pizza that only took 2.5 hours to arrive.

The next morning was Sunday. After attending worship services, we laid by the pool for the rest of the day. It was sunny and nice, as you can see. We had a late checkout of 4:00 pm, which is a very good thing. The only bad part was the water tasted like Mr. Trump's testicles. Legend has it that he goes to each of his pools twice weekly to make sure it does. He takes an antique teacup and dips it in, he sips and then sometimes says "Needs more balls". I kept flipping out when a drop from my nose would hit my lips, because I didn't care for the taste.

At 5:00 we went to Chevy's. We watched Beyonce perform the Superbowl show with Mexican music played over it, so you wouldnt have to hear her sing. It was a nice way to end the trip. Thanks Mandoo.