Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What the crap is this?

I'm having trouble identifying the type of bug that bit me when I was sleeping in a cabin on Friday night. Today it looks like this, and it burns a little. It doesnt feel itchy like a mosquito bite, but just achey and burning. When I find out what bug did it, they're getting a punch in the face.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Please, just leave it.

We had Comcast installed again, which means free movies. Tonight I watched The Gods Must Be Crazy again with the kids. This scene reminded me of my songleading in Primary. If I set something up, the odds are pretty good that it will be crashing down.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Need to steal $1000

I do freelance for a company called Vox in Provo. The other day I went in to find the place had been burgled. Well, "burgled" might be the wrong word, since he didn't touch my laptop, Homie collection, comic books or anyone else's valuables. All the guy had done was shoot his shotgun into the lock of the safe. He didn't get into it, though.

There's a poorly written article about it.

It's strange that the guy thought he wouldn't be caught. We all knew his temper, knew he had a shotgun, and knew he had some kind of stupid grudge against Vox. He was the first thought all of us had, and the detectives there said they couldn't possibly create a better profile of the perpetrator.

Anyway, I didn't deal with him a lot, I had some lunches with him, and joked around. He seemed like a nice enough guy to me. He was about to get married, but that's probably not going down now. I'm glad he didn't get too ambitious and take all my stuff.