Monday, April 27, 2009

Leaving Las Begas

Oliver calls it "Las Begas", so that's what it is for me. This is nowhere near all the pics we took...I just have to find the rest. A lot of them were lost forever because we somehow misplaced our Flip. This is one of the many things we lost on this trip, which makes the pics we have all the more precious...

There was beautiful scenery on the way down. I kept taking pictures instead of driving well. We went through a few rainstorms, but they were light and you could see them coming from far off.

I love the Cancun. The bathtub is ample, jetted and comfortable.

One day we went to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum. We were pretty much the only people there, so we took time to take pictures of everything and really get to know the place. I think we took a picture next to each physical object on the building. Here's what scientists think Adam looked like.

This is my new favorite animal, the helicoprion (from the Greek "Helicopter Pilot") that lived 250 million years ago. Scientists can't figure out if it had a bad-A spike-whip lower lip or if it was like a buzzsaw, but either way, it's pretty awesome. I'd like to keep one as both a pet and carpentry tool.

Mandi made us go on a hike in Zion's that ended disastrously. I think next time we'll go there in the summer and spend a couple days and not tack it onto an early spring Vegas trip.

I'll let Mandoo post the rest of the pics. It was a fun time, except for the end, when God decided to punish us for befouling Easter and chucked a bunch of lightning bolts made of poo at us.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sometimes all you need is a little vibrational resonance

In doing logo research for a mortgage brokerage firm, I came across a reality-based object that, if used correctly, could mean the end to my electro-magnetic pollution.

You know how when you use your cell phone or iPod and you're hearing words, but don't really feel love? If you stick this dogtag into your cell phone, "it translates into the power of love as it is needed". Look, it couldn't be simpler. You know how water crystallized into different things when you write words on the glass? It's simply a geometric synergistic love-angel operating on the phoenic plane! It's not rocket science!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

What a crazy joke!

I got an email today saying "Invitation to be a juryman" and I opened it up and saw this! That's so nuts! Weener pills aren't jury duty! Thanks a lot, the_prophet28!