Friday, August 21, 2009


Mandi's post got me thinking about mullets and how much I dislike them. In perusing my old pictures, though, I found that I guess at one time I was a big fan.

It looks like I only colored the front and back of my hair. And only ripped the top of my shirt.

During this period I was listening to a lot of Depeche Mode, Duran Duran , and even some non-gay bands. Duran Duran taught me the most on how to perfect the least masculine hairstyle possible. Here we are hiding from an angry christian mob.

Let's try to ignore the erect finger and concentrate on the fact that this is probably the most attractive my friend Jim ever looked. If you know Jim, you know that in the present day, he is far below desirable. But this picture captures him at a time before the metabolism slowed and when mullets were not a punishable offense. Thanks, Nanette for at least trying to butch up what continues to be an extremely gay picture.

I have to hand it to Joel, who was so staunchly anti-mullet that he went the completely opposite direction and grew his bangs out to ridiculous lengths, which then resembled a mullet when combed back, thereby collapsing his pro-bangs platform.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Top 11 Most Bizarre Logo Design Requests

11: (Under "Things the client doesn't want in their logo") "Chartoon, blocky, screaming, value"

10: "The logo should not be too squiggled"

9: (Under Things they definitely want in the logo") A graphic of a semen stain

8: "Must show a globe, and some guinea pigs in each concept. I want the globe to have the true colors of the globe with the guinea pigs in different colors walking across the globe or walking below the globe with my company name below the guinea pigs."

7: "Do you ship logos to Lagos Nigeria?"

6: "I working in India I saw your work is excellent. Sir I work with us. Please give me a guide line. I waiting your reply."

5: (Under "Important applications of your logo, i.e. business cards, website, signage")
"1: You have to know how to dance
2: you have had a boyfriend before
3: you have at least more than 2 friends
4: you love to watch television"

4. (Under "Things you definitely don't want in the logo") "I do not want any goats in my logo. I strongly dislike them, and they smell, so no goats, a lamb would be ok, but no goats, that's where I draw the line. Goats are out!"

3: (Under "What don't you like about the logo?") "I don't like the green as the text colour. This was particularly not liked by a colourblind colleague."

2: "I am in need of a logo that conveys brain injury but with a hopeful future. Can you help?"

1: "My products are all nadmade so please make the idea suitable for my products."