Friday, August 21, 2009


Mandi's post got me thinking about mullets and how much I dislike them. In perusing my old pictures, though, I found that I guess at one time I was a big fan.

It looks like I only colored the front and back of my hair. And only ripped the top of my shirt.

During this period I was listening to a lot of Depeche Mode, Duran Duran , and even some non-gay bands. Duran Duran taught me the most on how to perfect the least masculine hairstyle possible. Here we are hiding from an angry christian mob.

Let's try to ignore the erect finger and concentrate on the fact that this is probably the most attractive my friend Jim ever looked. If you know Jim, you know that in the present day, he is far below desirable. But this picture captures him at a time before the metabolism slowed and when mullets were not a punishable offense. Thanks, Nanette for at least trying to butch up what continues to be an extremely gay picture.

I have to hand it to Joel, who was so staunchly anti-mullet that he went the completely opposite direction and grew his bangs out to ridiculous lengths, which then resembled a mullet when combed back, thereby collapsing his pro-bangs platform.


Joel said...

We had a contest one summer (Paul, Gordon and Joel) to see who could grow their hair the longest in the back. I grudgingly participated but I didn't last long. Long hair annoyed me when I tried to sleep so I removed myself from the running. With the absence of consequences for leaving the competition and additionally, the absence of reward for winning, the decision was not difficult. Unfortunately, there exist photos of me during that period.

That's a pretty good pic of me. Where's the malnourishment? Sherri, make me a duplicate of that shirt. I loved it! I still have it, but it's in unfortunate condition.

mandi said...

Joel. HA!

I enjoyed this post. I hope Jim accidentally happens upon it and feels good.

It's kind of dumb when people mention their word verification, but I like this one: bumeledu

Joel's Other Sister said...

I still have to ask why on earth two of those pictures were taken in my room and I'm not in either of them. In fact, I don't remember even being there. What was wrong with your room or the spaghetti factory room?

BigJason said...

The 80's were indeed a dark and frightening era. Just yesterday at my in-laws ward in Idaho a woman walked in with a hairstyle just like this. Terrifying!


O WOW!!!
I have every one of these pics, the memories, the hair, the gel, the hypnotism, the pics.
love it!!

Boy Mom said...

Don't you have a post somewhere about an old guy who gives you a page of jokes then hits you up for money?

I met him, and his lovely wife, he wanted twenty dollars for his jokes and a book he wrote. He had some red stuff on his stubbly chin I hope it was tomato soup.

He scared me a little at first because he was blocking the door to my car and his wife who seemed a little too nice, like she may have a machete tucked up her house dress, kept making comments that forced me to lean into their car in order to hear.

Then I thought I remembered he was one of your friends, and that made me feel better.

I have a 6 dollars worth of jokes if you need a good laugh.

Sherri said...

Have Paul get the artwork ready.
Ah, the 80's. Loved that time. Funny that we never noticed how bad mullets were. Oh wait, I know, because everything we did was cool and awesome. It's a good attitude to have. Luckily, Damion has that same attitude now and it's neat.