Monday, March 09, 2009

I watch the Watchmen

Friday night I saw Watchmen again with Bigelow. My review is: AWESOME. Go see it, then read the book.

I've told some of you about one night 6 years ago at the Provo Towne Center. or Town Centre. You know how there's a steep grass hill separating the two levels of parking outside the theater? That long-ago night I was by myself and I saw that the recently watered hill would be tough to get down. At that time I was in a little better shape, so I knelt down on one sandal and, with one leg out in front to steer, I slid straight down and stood up at the end in one awesome movement. Yes, people were watching and yes, they thought I was a freaking ninja. I've had 4 kids and gotten married, but this was, by far, the coolest thing that had ever happened to me.

Well, on Friday night I come out of there with a full bag of large popcorn, and I stop at the top. I couldn't tell, but it didn't look
wet at all. I don't have my slick-soled sandals on, so I start walking all gingerly down the slope. Remember on Arrested Development when Tobias Funke takes a slip on his mother-in-law's spilled cocktail? After about 5 steps I did one of those, flat on my tailbone. The 15 mexicans at the bottom of the hill start laughing THEIR BUTTS OFF. They made no pretense of hiding their joy at seeing this awesome tumble. I get up and slowly make it to the bottom and walk past them saying "Ow." with every step, which makes them laugh harder. They were looking at the hill where you see, in the wet grass, 5 footprints, then an explosion of yellow popcorn and a skidmark, then 5 more steps to the bottom.

I don't get embarrassed, but it was a pretty not cool moment for me.