Monday, February 11, 2013

More Creative Brief Goodness

Let's keep it classy

"Since I am selling jeweled bra straps I want the logo to convey that. Maybe a simple font but with some sort of glitz treatment. But want it to still look tasteful and not cheesy."

Specific Target market

"Product line is for babies. Products are geared towards Asian Americans specifically moms with asian babies (moms are not necessarily asian). must show an image of an asian baby wrapped in a wonton skin"

This shouldn't be too hard.

"Old time comfort feel, but innovation and technology as well. Leave it to Beaver meets Lady Gaga."

Thank you, I think

"It has a feeling of fluidity and elegance. The design is in motion and not stagnant. It is reaching out, which is powerful for the obvious reasons. It seems confident and reckless (with wit - in an artistically daring way) and the coloring/shading is beautiful"

So, something historically-based

"a look of future energy and cool high tech etc. cutting futuristic very futuristic look way in the future!!!"

Combine colors, but not too much

Company name: Host Fatherzzz
"BLUE WITH GLOSSY SHINE IN COMBINATION OF WHITE COLOUR; WHERE H OF HOST AND F OF FATHER SHOULD BE MORE IMPRESSIVE. make it nice nd it should look like proffesional nd tenxx for ur help. Not to much color combination"

This is a product I could get behind

Company Name: Commercial Adz
Colors/Objects to Use: Object: maybach
Additional comments: guide of east 


Joel said...

MAYBACH! OH! Why didn't he say so sooner? You could have had his logo drawn and delivered already.

mandi said...

In case maybach doesn't help you, then guide of east. K? K.

Montgomery Q said...

For referencez as to what he wanted to see, I just went to

Commercial Adz. I think I'm going to start boycotting businessez that don't spell their name with a Z.

Business Logoz.