Friday, September 09, 2011

I'll State that it was Fair

Took the fam to the State Fair yesterday. Belly had a cake that took Second Place, but I didnt get a picture of it. See Mandi's blog in about 2 years to see a picture of it.

What I did see was a booth that said this:

I was hoping that after paying a dollar, I would see this:

or even this:

But what I got was this:

But the Fair made it up to me by letting me see this awesome 10-ft Robot:

And the juggler really entertained Oliver:

The hypnotizer hypnotized me until I realized the Sea Lion show was starting, at which point I stopped performing, and he asked me to leave the stage. The Sea Lion show shocked and entertained us.

But the best part was an exhibit in the arts n crafts building. Imagine a cow. Or just look at this

Now imagine it MADE OF BUTTER. You read that correctly. BUTTER.

Now times that by 4. Carry the 7. That's what I saw last night. A FAMILY OF COWS MADE OF BUTTER.


Esther Yu Sumner said...

Okay, I take back the comment I made to a friend yesterday, "I've never been to the Utah State Fair. I want to go sometime."

I can't believe the ridiculous snake girl.

Love the way you blog, Man.

Becca said...

True story: I met the Utah State Fair Butter Sculptress. Last year at some "Welcome to Hell: The BYU Communications Department Graduates Reunite" dinner, S and I sat with her. She was lovely. And her husband was so proud. He pulled up butter sculpture photos on his phone. I so wish I'd gotten her card.