Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How can I describe what you kids are?

From the Utah National Parks Council Pack Meeting Guide.

Hot Dog Roast Ceremony

Cubmaster: What do we need to roast a hot dog?

Cubs: We need fuel to burn.

Cubmaster: We can liken this to the potential each boy has deep within him, but fuel and potential cannot do anything unless it is ignited. What can we use to light this fuel?

Cubs: A match.

Cubmaster: This match is like a boy's desire to achieve, to reach for the stars. The desire is the match that lights the fire and gets it burning. We're ready to cook. what should we cook?

Cubs: Hot dogs!

Cubmaster: This hot dog represents each boy. The hot dog cannot put itself on a stick, it needs guidance, and so does every boy. The Scout program is what we use to guide the boy. After it's cooked, it is slid inside a bun with mustard and ketchup. The bun represents advancements; the mustard and ketchup represent arrow points. it takes a lot of work for a boy to earn his advancements...

There the analogy starts to break down. There's a lot of different resources and guides for planning a pack meeting, but guess which one I chose for today's? When am I ever going to have the opportunity again to say such awesome things in front of a large group of people?

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Boy Mom said...

Cub Master Browning: "Boys you are all wieners, hot dogs, you're all hot dogs!"

8 Year Old Scout: "Thank you,Cub Master Browning, Utah National Parks Council, Academy... now I understand my fiery potential, the guidance of the roasting stick, the slide into the ketchuppy bun. I owe it all to my hard, hard work in scouting.

The most awesome pack meeting ever.

One day my Mom and I were passing off a bunch of stuff with our Weblos my Mom gets all excited at how fast things are going and says, "Wow, Boys, we're really humping along!"

I think scouting is old peoples excuse to say some stuff...