Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Introducing Random Illustration Tuesday

Now on Tuesdays you can ask me to draw whatever and I will draw and post it within one (1) hour of noticing it. And I do mean "whatever". Here are three example requests from Joel and the resulting artwork:

1) A banana, but instead of a peel, it's wrapped in a tortilla. It has a Reese Witherspoon chin.

2) Two fellows. One is posing as the letter A. The other is mocking him.

3) An enormous cruise liner saddled up on a ladybug. The ladybug says "Get these reins outta my mouth!" in a very attitudinal fashion.

The best example of doing this, though, is the Breathtaking Work of Monumental Glory I did for the Idaho Reunion. But now I can't find the artwork, nor the request that Joel made. Joel, send that to me, please.

The reason for this new addition to my blog output is because it's fun. And I do it every day anyway at my job.

1 comment:

Joel's Other Sister said...

I want a picture of Bigelow eating Cheetos but each one of them has Bigelow's face on it. He needs to have a "Here's Johnny" look on his face (from The Shining) as he eats them.

Oh, and there is a QuinceaƱera party going on in the background with very loud music.