Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Animal Logo Wednesday - Panda

Pandas have a unique enlarged bone called the pseudo thumb. Just like me!


Joel's Other Sister said...

I love them both. Since I call someone "Panda Bear" as a nickname, can I copy your art and make a sticker of them to give to them? :)

Boy Mom said...

One's a real panda, one's a cartoon panda. It's like apples and oranges how does one make a choice.

Joel said...

Panda A is the pusher. Panda B is his unwitting grade school dupe.

Correct answer: B
For sure it's B

Montgomery Q said...

Right on all counts except that it's A.

Zak said...

Hey Paul I have a Random illustration request: I would like a picture of me with my shirt off (only I am all ripped like a superhero) riding that big flying dog/dragon thing from the neverending story, only the dog/dragon has a haircut and jewelry that makes him look like Mr. T. We are fighting Darth Vader who is in a tie fighter. I am fighting him with a nerf gun and this is all taking place over the eiffel tower.

Will this be cool do you ask? yes.