Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Results of Random Illustration Tuesday

We only had one request, and it was late. What's wrong with you people?

"I want a picture of Bigelow eating Cheetos but each one of them has Bigelow's face on it. He needs to have a "Here's Johnny" look on his face (from The Shining) as he eats them.

Oh, and there is a QuinceaƱera party going on in the background with very loud music. " submitted by N. Harris


La said...

Very easy to depict. Good job!

Joel's Other Sister said...

I love it! Bigelow has printed it and shown it to all of his colleagues. Perfect!!

Joel said...

So, who requested this? Are you keeping that info private? To protect the interlopers? From infection?

Montgomery Q said...

That info is private and only allowed to those that read the comment section of my blog.