Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Forget, Remembered

Forget was much cooler than I could have imagined. I want to live there. In the background there you can see an old old Catholic church. That's right next to where I stayed.

Heres the new sign. I kinda liked the old one...but these will have to do.

This is me accompanying Don on When I'm 64. He sang it to his wife. She sang and played some songs she had written. It was a fun night.

I documented the honey extraction and got to taste some raw honeycomb.

This used to be a nunnery that is now a bed and breakfast called Inn of the 7 Sisters. I stayed here.


Heidi said...

shannon has never fed me raw honeycomb. i like the new signs much better. my house will be for sale in a matter of weeks! 'though, the end of the world is also just a matter of weeks.) and i filmed your accompaniment of don's 'when i'm 64.' and possibly other gems. too bad i don't know how to post them. thanks for coming up. its a good place. next time, bring your family, and your furniture.

Joel said...

Did you know there are still bees on that honeycomb you're macking on?

Montgomery Q said...

They had been well-smoked by this time, so they didn't mind me munching on them OR the honey.