Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Animal Logo Wednesday - Monkey

Grandpa Simpson: "He used to be smart as a chimp, but now ... he's dumb as a monkey."


Joel said...

Monkey A is concerned. His neighbor just informed him of an increase in HOA fees and Monkey A doesn't feel the fees he's paying now are being used to his benefit. Plus, he just bought a couple of ski-doos, so money is just plain tight right now.

Monkey B has given up on his belief in bananas and feels liberated. He has decided he's going to spin on this vine for the remainder of the day. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

Answer: B

Montgomery Q said...

Close, but no cigar. If you'd go back and check your work, I think you'll find that the answer is A.

I got a good feeling about next week's opinion poll, though. Keep trying!

williwly said...

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Joel said...

Please give more concern, won't we? If there's one thing you can count on Williwly, it's that our concern is now yours.

Montgomery Q said...

I love both life and to health.