Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And He's Got a Lot of Guns: A Story of Revenge and Brotheres

Sometimes I get awesome ideas when I'm sleeping, and when I say awesome I mean retarded. The other night, I woke up at 3 am, fresh from a good long dream with lots of action and story arcs. I didn't want to wake up in the morning with it forgotten, because I could flesh out the details and have a bestseller. I couldn't find a pen. I grabbed my laptop.

Here is is, exactly how I wrote it.

extreme bullies terrorists threaten that if a man rancher that if he tells cops they will kikll his family. he calls cops and they come adn bullies show up to kkill famile and he waits for he rigth moment with sheriif there and a midget starts climbing attic ladder and he shoots him off and then shoots leader. Hes john m browning and theyre bothe=brotheres and the rest is him defending family and hes got a lot of guns and isabel asked if he called cops and he said yes and she looked relieved. set in old west but lots of details aout john m and awesomeness

So it looks like a kind of re-writing of the John M Browning story. By the way, good luck stealing this. I'm putting a ™ right here: TM


Joel said...

Hello, millionaire. Just slap a cover on it and you're done.

Montgomery Q said...

I look forward to the movie. Who should we cast as the midget that gets shot off the attic ladder?

Joel said...

I think that's got Liam Neeson's name all over it.

La said...

Hello, writing skills.