Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This is BIG TIME

Now YOU can see the Interview of the Century. And try not to fall in love with the host as I did accidentally.
Go to

Click on Watch Now (it's a button on the right edge of the screen)

It tells you to download a little program, so you click on "Download." It doesn't take too long. And it only works on PCs.

Then push Install when the install button comes up.

Then click the button that comes up when its finished installing.

A tv screen comes up.

Look at the bottom of the screen, it has VCR buttons, dates, a scrubber, etc.

Click on the - (minus) button to get to October 24.

Use the scrubber (it's a click and drag format) to drag the timeline to about 6:18 p.m. It's a green bar with the word "Mountain" on it.

Don't wet yourself when you see Orrin Hatch, because he'll be replaced very soon by better looking people with more interesting things to say. Try not to be distracted by the coughs I was doing throughout the segment. And understand that when I say "Load of the RIngs" I meant to say "Lord of the RIngs" and when I said "phenomenon" I meant "thing".

Then: pass it around to all your friends, Tell them to buy the book, lest we send the Danites after them.


jaime said...

Way to many directions Paul.

Joel said...

I am fond of the way the interviewer pronounces the word "enquirer." How do I get on a tv progrum like that?

Montgomery Q said...

I am fond of the way she states that there’s no cola-flavored sprite in such a professional and non-annoying way.