Monday, July 30, 2012

Clients I Enjoy - Part II

Name of company:
ECFASH LIMITED / ec is stand for egg capa

Colors/Objects to Use:
according to the name egg capa, we want something like a egg wear the capa , maybe can have a funny face or what else you think is better.

Colors/Objects to Avoid:
we dont want the face of the egg which wears glasses.

Name of Company:

Tagline, if any:
The best a man can get....Have it your way....It's the real thing.

Clothing,Drinks,Computers,Electronics,shoes, movies,bags

Company Name:
ziwanore production ,wer de party never stops

Colors/Objects to Use:
red en blue,vibrant

Customer Comments:
none,it should something that represents the vibrant youth of 2day

Name of Company:

web service

Colors/Objects to Use:
It is NOT serios, nothing official. nothing that reminds about offices, serios buisines, suits

Customer Comments:
it must be light, easy, comic, funny, friendly...


Joel said...

I want egg capa for my birthday.

Montgomery Q said...

Well, FASH...that part explains itself. The EC stands for Egg Capa. You see?

Montgomery Q said...

This one came through today:

CompanyName: Life Is True
Industry: Automotive, Computer Hardware/Software, Electronics, Financial, Food, Insurance, Meda, Maunfacturing, Real Estate, Retail, Transportation, Utilities, Wholesale.
Colors/Objects to use: White & Black. Elegantly.
ColorsObjects to Avoid: I'm open to knew ideas.

"Honey, I got us some life insurance from a place today. Don't worry, it seemed legit. It's called Life is True, and they also sell Food and Maunfacturing. Pretty knew, huh?"

Joel said...

That is buh-nit-knew!

mandi said...

"Like a egg wear the capa," is my new (NEW!) favorite saying.

Montgomery Q said...

Some guy emails me:
Guy: "HI
I WANT TO design a logo

hope you help me"

Me: "We would love to help you. What questions can I answer?"


Joel said...

"Well, why didn't you say so?"