Friday, May 27, 2005

Oliver's Hole

So this kid I have...I was worried about having another kid because it might be all screwed up? Or maybe I didn't express this. I was worried about this because this brother of a fellow gymnast in Maddies gymnastics class sits by us and is about 19 but has this helmet and likes to drool on my shoulder and Mandi and I got to talking and saying how we might get a helmet kid, but we'd love him anyway.

So then Oliver is born and he seems fine.

Then we do the 2 week checkup and the dr. finds this curious little hole at the base of his spine. Its called a "sacral dimple" and is located actually INSIDE HIS CRACK and looks like a, well just this really deep dimple. The dr. gets us worried, saying it's a possible sign of spina bifida and we need to get an ultrasound, and then do an MRI. How do you do an MRI on a baby kid, I wonder. So that'll happen Friday.

So mandis all crying and I'm stoically strong but concerned (on the inside), but then I talk to my sister nurse last night and she says it wont get any worse and it might not even be that. And I remember when we had the twins, they found a "chromosomal abnormality" and said they might be retarded and made us wait for 4 days and then come to find out it's twins and that was the problem. Doctors like to get people worried, cause they'll spend more money, I think.

So even if it's a touch of the biff, or even just a deep dimple, I can deal and we know he's not paralyzed or neurologically damaged (he sometimes acts a little immature, though) so we'll be fine. We just need to Q-Tip out the fecal matter or spinal fluid when we change the diaper. I'll let you know what happens when I find out, but it wont be until wed or thurs of next week, I think.

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