Thursday, June 09, 2005

I'm fixing a hole

With the new tramp needing to go in the ground, I have a need for a 14-ft wide 4 ft deep hole in my side yard. So I decided to invite people over for a good dig. What kind of tunes do you put on a hole-digging mix cd? Obviously anything by Hole, and maybe Head Like a Hole by NIN. Didnt Aerosmith do a Hole to Heaven song? Anyt more suggestions?


Christopher Bigelow said...

"Dig Me Out," Sleater-Kinney
"Dirt," Alice In Chains

For any girls who may be helping you:
"Dirty Little Thing," Velvet Revolver
"Dirty Women," Black Sabbath

Oh, and definitely "Fly On The Windscreen," Depeche Mode (huh?)

Can you make a tunnel from your tramp hole (I mean the one in your side yard) to the playhouse crawlspace, or would there be buried bodies in the way?

Leoj Can Dodge said...

"Whole Day Off" by Oingo Boingo?

"We asked Dad if we could have a trampoline, but he said no, that they were too dangerous and too expensive. But then we went and talked to the trampoline salesman at the store, and he said they weren't too expensive or dangerous. I think I'm still sorta mad at Dad for lying to us like that."