Friday, July 22, 2005

I'm picking out a thermos for you

I went and rented the Jerk last night. Steve Martin was never better. Favorite line "Check away, Navin R. Johnson!" Mandi and I used to watch that a lot when we were dating.

Moab was fun. Although I suspect a few of the stores are there to just make a profit, and not just provide food and goods to the public and enjoy the Moab scenery. The hotel (ramada) was only $50 though! Cause we made the reservations 4 months ago. The kids went on an easy river trip all day, and I went on a hardcore one all day. They were all day, did I mention that? I was with all my bros, and sisters, except for the Chinese one.

Theres only 2 sets of bald eagles in Utah, and I saw 2 of them. They might have been animatronic, though. I also saw some cliff swallows. I asked the guide, and turns out they don't actually swallow cliffs, that's just their name.

With the success of logoworks comes increased projects, so Ive been busy. But my boss pulled me aside yesterday and gave me a 2 grand raise. That was nice.

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