Thursday, February 15, 2007

I've Crossed the Line

For a long time, I've used this blog as a chance to vent about frustrating things and make friends laugh. At times, it's served a great purpose, like letting people know how Oliver is, or updating family and friends on my life. But too many times, it's been me letting inner a**hole take over and try to get some laughs.

I won't be blogging anymore. I don't know how to filter myself enough yet. I've posted some pretty idiotic things that were hurtful and unfair (and re-reading it, not even close to funny). I sincerely apologise to anyone offended.

Hopefully this will help me learn to be a better person. It's a step, I guess.


Loud Boy said...

Don't go away! I don't always comment, but I always laugh at your post.



jaime said...
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Mom said...

Don't be too sensitive, I'll admit some things are a bit over the top for my old fashioned ways, but I largely get a kick out of your cleverness. I must admit I'd look at the Farrah pic when I wanted a good laugh. Come on - keep blogging!

heidi said...

Who is getting offended? You're totally funny - it'll be sad if you stop writing stuff. Also, your brothers, sisters, Mandi and Joel write hilarious comments. Your blog is always a good time.

Anonymous said...

I admire your efforts to self-improve, really, I do. And, if you think blogging contributes to whatever flaws you have, by all means, jump on the wagon.

My opinion...just be descriminatory with what gets posted. Write your post somewhere else, save it until the next day, re-read it, edit as necessary, and THEN post it. Contrary to what some may think, blogging is PUBLIC.

For heaven's sake, we ALL have impulsive issues. That's sort of what makes us Brownings, isn't it?? Haven't we all said/done something rash in the heat of the moment that we've later regretted.

I think we ALL enjoy the humor you bring to our otherwise mundaine lives, so keep it up. Just watch what you say. If you must put into print hurtful/offensive/painful/private/etc. things, I recommend investing in a pad of paper and writing to the dude called Dear Journal. We'll make sure we don't publish that until the 50th anniversary of your death (tragic, it will be, too).

-- BDB

Christopher Bigelow said...

Dude, what the hell are you talking about?

dorth said...

I haven't read anything offensive, yet. Don't stop writing, you make me laugh!

DFB said...

Loud Boy's avatar is a hoot. I can't stop looking at it.

And speaking of hoots, Woodsie the Owl gave a hoot, that's why he didn't pollute. I think all of us should remember his example and not pollute the internet with insults and derogatory comments about each other. Unless the comments are exceptionally funny, then we should all take an example from Woodsie's redheaded cousin, Boobsie. His motto was: "Get a Life, Leave me Alone"