Friday, November 09, 2007

OK last post on this topic

I wish I could have gone.

Brianna from Illustration Friday did a nice post about the show. I found Oliver's picture on someone else's blog, though. I wonder what people that don't know him think when they see it. It looks lonely. I wish I could be there.


mandi said...

Maybe you should go, then. Ride down with your mom and then hitchhike back.

Sherri said...

You should have told me. I have buddy passes on Skywest. You could fly there and back for $60. Next time just ask me.


Paul I am sure Nan, Sherri & myself, could have donated blood or ovaries to get ya there next time.....hee-hee.Ya know true friends always end up donating some body part or other anyway.

DFB said...

The title of this post should be "OK last post ever"

Then it would be more accurate.

Because that's what it is.