Thursday, January 17, 2008

6 or 7 things about me

Randall tagged me. One of these things may not be entirely true.

1. My first job was teaching drum lessons at Conrad's Music in Orem. I was 16. I had about 8 students. I wanted to get a job as soon as possible. Before that I was paid in popcorn and movie posters for helping out at the Paramount Theater in Provo. That wasnt really a job, it was just fun.

2. I worked at Circuit City first in Large Appliances, then in Audio. I was a very poor salesman. I wasn't a believer in Extended Warranties, but I was forced to push them on people. My favorite part of that job was listening to my own cds in the audio rooms.

3. I'm an honest person, except for the little tradition I have of stealing a pen from Kinko's every time I go in there. I dont know why. I think it may have started way back one time when they injusticed me, and now is just a stupid thing I have to do. I should stop.

4. I was caught by a girlfriend with another girl when I was farting in the face of the other girl. It made it even more awkward, but it turned out ok.

5. My most favorite view in the world is in Guilin, China (near Xian). There are little green mountains that rise out of the mist and you can climb to the top of them and not see the ground, just dozens of similar mountains risng out of this cloud-world. It was so beautiful.

6. My left nostril is a portal to another dimension.

7. I was never arrested, but I was brought home by policemen for curfew violations quite a bit. Once we were on the roof of the high school at 3:00 am, and some cops caught us and took us home in their car. 4 of us in the back were giving directions to our homes, and finally, I was the last one. I kept telling the guy to turn in weird places and acting like I was lost, but we finally got to my house, which was directly in front of the high school. He wasn't pleased.

You're tagged....Nanette and Kent. Not the Leesie Kent, the Kent that is Tiffany's Friend. I dont even know if he has a blog. Well, now's your chance to make one. He's probably not even reading this. Oh well.


Joel said...

Number 4 is the one that is not entirely true. Paul farting. Yeah, right.

nan said...

I'm wondering if number 3 is honesty in the stealing sense or really honesty in all the things that Paul says is true constantly.Because I would be very sad if I knew that paul didnt actually have a portal to another world right in his nostrils.



Ok about six of these things, I sssooo remember. I agree with nan 3 mmmmmmmm? And in the day experiencing your left nostril,,, it is so a portal!! xoxo

Joel said...



Rand & Pam said...

Paul - your great. I enjoyed your revelations. I must admit I was surprised at how mellow they were, though funny and entertaining - I expected wilder things. I want to go see China one day - I bet it is really pretty.

Sherri said...

Portal, indeed.

jaime said...

When did you go to China?

I don't get the farting story...

tiffanytaylor said...

you are the craziest person i know i will tell kent that he has been tagged and see what he says i may just post his six things on my blog

Joel said...



El Tigre said...

do you know what dimension your nostril opens too? or is it a "go in and never come out" kind of deal.

(fingers crossed for popcorn and bacon based world)