Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Even in the presence of mucous matter?

So what if we don't have the budget for locks? We'll just draw them in!


Boy Mom said...

If only I'd known about Lysol and delicate tissues sooner...sob!

Joel said...

But the locks represent doubt, inhibitions and ignorance. Do you see?

Montgomery Q said...

The things I'm through washing my chotch with:


Its time I realized they were just makeshifts.

mandi said...

I'm just glad there's no greasy aftereffect.

Does it protect my married happiness MUCH?

sugarbritches said...

What an answer to a prayer! I was full of self doubt. But now, I can clean my toilet and my lady parts at the same time with a big swish of lysol! My toilet is sparkling and my appealing daintiness is assured! Thank you lysol.