Monday, March 29, 2010

Advice from someone who knows

If you want to know how to be an internet marketer, this man will show you how. Yes, you, too can receive expert advice from the writer of "What does it take to be an Article Writer" and "What it takes to be an Internet Marketer".

"But, is his website sometimes dull?" you may ask. The answer is NEVER.


Joel's Other Sister said...

He looks very reliable and not at all creepy in a snake oil sort of way.

Joel's Other Sister said...

I think he needs to write a blog on how to create a blog web page. Is it very professional to half most of your article in black on a black background so the reader has to highlight it in order to read it?

The answer is - Yes. Yes it is.

mandi said...

It's hard to follow such conflicting advice. "Look over here!" one of his eyes is saying. "No, look at me, I'm over here!" his other eye is saying. And here I am stuck in the middle, not knowing which direction to turn.

Pam and Rand said...

How do you find these amazing sites? It is hard t know what direction to follow!