Thursday, July 21, 2011


While my wife and kids went to the Tracy Aviary yesterday, I had a bird encounter of my own. I was downstairs when I heard a bang. I thought it was someone slamming the door. I went upstairs but no one was home. I went outside to see if a tree branch fell on the roof. I found my neighbor and his kid, holding a mouse on a string.

My neighbor said sorry that his pet falcon got out and ran into my window. The kids say this bird is a little retarded.

I asked where he was and if he's all right and they pointed up. He was sitting right above me about 8 feet up.

I always thought falcons look like this

But this one had a dazed look more like this:

Wait. More like this:

So, falcons are pretty fast. This one shattered the window. This is the same window we had replaced about 2 months ago. But my neighbor was very cool and he's getting me a new one. He even came over and boarded it up until the window guy comes. And they eventually managed to get the falcon back in his cage.


Melissa said...

The kids say this bird is a little retarded?! Probably the best line I've heard in weeks.

This post was perfection. Thanks for sharing.

Oh, and you're a total creep.

Larry and Cindy said...

hahahaha the bird really is retarded nice post i loved reading it

Larry and Cindy said...

by the way this is tiffany not larry and cindy i must be retarded too i forgot to switch accounts

Joel said...

Ha! Your face!

Esther Yu Sumner said...

Great post Paul :)


Do you have talons?