Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Headset review

The Good: The OTH Phone headset is something I saw on someone and knew immediately that I must have it. It doesn't have an eye-popping design nor does it scream that you are an ironic hipster. It just works, for the same reasons that all phones worked when we were growing up. It was designed to fit your hand, ear and mouth so that words can get out of your mouth and into the cellphone, and, ultimately, into your friend's ear.

It features a volume dial and a button to answer the phone. It has a springy cord. My mom would call her mom every Saturday, and I would sit in the kitchen and play with the 125-ft cord and listen and find out what's going on with my family that week. Not her umbilical cord. She keeps that in her sock drawer and we weren't allowed to touch it.

The Bad: I had big problems with the brand name OTH, which stands for Off The Hook. I sent in a complaint letter to this company, and even gave them free advice for 2 names for their company should they decide to stop annoying people:

1) Head Gear

2) Ear-itators

You can use it in the car, and people look at you funny. You can use it walking down the street for extra awesomeness...the cord going up into your shirt pocket. You can pretend you're carrying on a conversation with your right nipple. I do. The best part is that you can work with the phone tucked in there. You can't do that with a cell, and putting your cell on speaker makes it sound like you're calling from the bathtub.

The Bottom Line: The $15 price is extremely fair. Despite the name, this is my favorite cellphone accessory yet. I use it everywhere, including the bathtub. The phone comes in blue, white, pink or black. My bathtub is green.


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