Thursday, November 08, 2012

My RIngtone: Why It's The Best

Before I let you hear it (don't try to cheat and go there first without reading about it), you need to know why it's so awesome.

1) It's jazzy and sounds like old-man music, which just happens to be my favorite kind.

2) If I get it quick, like at the store, it just sounds like there's a dude singing "Ringringringringring" which would be awesome enough for a ringtone.

3) If I don't get it quick, and I have to look through things to answer it, like at church or a business meeting, it mentions the words "Banana phone". This immediately brings to mind the image of a person or monkey answering a banana. Silly monkey, you can't communicate with that.

4) It sticks into your head with the tenacity of a mighty mountain goat, and will not leave. You may think you've gotten it out of your head, but it's just hibernating, and then the phone rings and it's awake and raring to go. I like to listen to and make music that is like mental oatmeal that sticks to your brain's ribs.

OK, now you can go hear it. I was right, huh?

1 comment:

Joel said...

It's like a poppy seed stuck in my teeth