Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Imagination Time

My name starts with Doctor,
and then Rosenberg
and this is my office
in downtown Pittsburgh
I've got to see patients
day in and day out
during seasons of swine flu
I wear a pig snout
Good morning, first patient!
I've just taken a glance
I see that you're healthy
and you've removed your sweatpants
Hey Doc, I just need you
to check out my wrist
it hurts when I do this
I should probably desist
Your x-rays show nothing
your wrist bones are great
And here are some pictures
of a sandwich I ate
Now lean forward a little
and give me a cough
I'll stare at this camera
and check these things off

Say doc, let me ask you
if you had your way
would you still be a doctor
and be here today?
Well, that's a good question
I'm glad that you asked
I've always imagined
creating podcasts
If that didnt work out
I'm sure that I'd make
a really good potter
you just shape it and bake
I'd make a good lawyer
handling lawsuits and libel
I'd also have fun
with you sharing a bible

I could be a lab tech
measuring gasses and vapor
I could even be happy
making cards out of paper
But back to reality
I'm just an old doc
that's weird that you asked that
but it feels good to talk


Montgomery Q said...

I need you to all stare-I mean really stare at the 5th picture. A good 5 minutes, I think, will do. Someone posted this on istock so that people could purchase that picture.

Joel said...

Can you and I sell pictures to istock? I've got some ideas about what people want.

Montgomery Q said...

I sell some illustrations on there and on other sites. I make very little. I welcome your ideas.