Thursday, August 21, 2014

The iStock Photo Model and the Lost Punctuation

When's that photographer getting here
Ah he's here

Like this OK No makeup huh

You'll photoshop these right at least fix the makeup and at the very very least get that blemish off me ok i'm trusting you 
My grandson said I look like that one actress I'm a good actress even look

Yes, I can do surprised so you say there's a market for this type of photo

That makes sense I can see how someone would deliberately seek out and use a photograph of a grandma in a bad wig with a tire and tools

Like for instance this might go on the cover of Bleak World magazine or an ad for a suicide encouragement hotline

Am I really a man thats a good question no I am all lady young sir I've had quite enough of this horsepuckey why dont you take all your fancy gear and hit the well all right one more as long as its tasteful and makes me look good

Now this is what I'm talking about


Joel said...

I love these

mandi said...

She entices me with that cupcake pic, that's for sure.

Just the other day I was looking for a photo that included 3 British flags, a walker and a jester hat. Bingo!