Tuesday, January 24, 2017


When life gets you down, think of this person.

He applied for a job where I work. The position is for Creative Writer, and he felt he was qualified, although he calls himself a Composer.

I kind of admire him and his attitude. He knows what the job was, and he did it. He knew he had to not swear, and not fall asleep, and he knows the consequences.

He's diverse in his skills, too. he can fill a hole with rocks, or with potatoes.

What I'm trying to say is, he is all of us, but he mostly is you.


Joel said...

I've been a candy-man before.

Skills used:
Prevent theft by gypsy young.
Catching crayons thrown at my back.
Putting two squirts of butter on every scoop of popcorn for the butter-man.

Montgomery Q said...

People had their candy.