Friday, March 17, 2006

Revenge of the V-Man

After you're done wth this movie, you will say, "Who the hell is that guy shaving her head?"

I don't get it. I guess the Wachowski bros.' name attached to a movie no longer means "This movie will kick all kinds of ass". I had such high hopes for this. And I was one of the few who liked the second two Matrices. The V for Vendetta graphic novel had a lot of potential, and the movie started out pretty well, but then Princess Amadala ran away from Agent Smith and everyone started doing stupid things and the movie slowly began to suck and I was worried, cause I had the faith, then everything came crashing down, and it lost all the beauty it had started out with.

I need to address the suckholes. There are those who feel this is a pretty good metaphor for today's American political climate. If you think that, you are automatically officially retarded. The government is not trying to control you. George W does not give a suck what you are saying to Aunt Mavis on the phone. The government will not kill you for rebellion. The government depicted in this movie closely resembles Iraq's, and is the type of government that AMERICA IS FIGHTING AGAINST.

Anyway, things happen in this movie that dont make any sense, but it's not the kind of thing like Matrix II: Pants Re-Crapped where you can enjoy weeks of re-thinking and figuring it out and discussion and online browsing and thoughts are provoked and souls stirred. It's just laziness. I give it a C, and I want to go cry now.


heidi said...
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Christopher Bigelow said...

I didn't find the show boring or regret watching it, but I did find it overall unconvincing. I got tired of the mask, and lots of little things didn't make sense when you thought about them, especially toward the end. I would give it a B-.

Portman is way too skinny. Pretty face, not a pretty bod.

I'm surprised by some of the good reviews: Salt Lake Trib gave it four stars. Time magazine said, "Vendetta is up there with the Wachowski brothers' first Matrix film."

Paul, I never paid you for my ticket. Should I give you back one of your Cinemark passes, or how much do I owe you?

Anonymous said...

Has he learned yet where the sound went?

Montgomery Q said...

That's a good question.