Tuesday, May 20, 2008


1. What was I doing 10 years ago
I was starting my job as an inhouse designer at Enrich/Unicity...living in that sweet trailer.

2. 5 things on my to do list
Fix toilet
Put oil in the van
Make a camp t-shirt for a friend
Illustrate another friend beating up an alien
Draw the kids (an annual tradition that's 2.5 years overdue)

3.What snacks do I enjoy?
Artichokes with Miracle Whip
Dr. Pepper

4. What would I do if I were suddenly a billionaire?
I'd still keep doing freelance design...just with a lot easier deadlines. I don't know. I like my house, neighborhood, clothes, etc. I'd do what Pamela did, I think. Pay off debt and spend it on family.

5. 3 bad habits
Openly flipping off people and objects at work
Killing hoboes

6. 6 places I lived
Buenos Aires

7. 6 Jobs I've had
Mentally Disabled Caretaker/Genital Cleanser
Orem City Water Meter Reader
Night Auditor for Best Western
Hotel Booker for Holiday Inn
TJ Maxx salesman
Cutco Salesman

8. 5 things people don't know about me
I balance out my conservative side with a daily dosage of NPR
I was knocked out with a lead pipe on my mission whilst fighting a group of young toughs called Los Pistufos (The Smurfs)
Co-wrote/designed The Mormon Tabernacle Enquirer (in stores now!)
Got lost at the age of 5 in downtown San Francisco
Be-friended a handicapped girl at a beach at the age of 6, her mother gave our family Disneyland tickets.

I tag Leoj, Sherri, Nan, Mandoo and Adam.


Christopher Bigelow said...

Sorry, dude, you were not at Enrich 10 years ago. Try again.

Montgomery Q said...

OK, maybe I got the figgerin' wrong. I was at AlphaGraphics. I thought I was there for four years...maybe it was three. It seemed like 18.

tiff said...

fun how much of that can we actually belive?

mandi said...

You forgot night-manager at the Sconecutter. SCONC. All of those awesome high-paying jobs were during our marriage. How did we ever eat?? Oh yeah, we just looked through the couch for coins to buy Sounds Easy Pizza. Good times.

Sherri said...

Any pics of your battle wounds?

Tina Bryant said...

We stumbled upon this when we went to check out Sasha's blog and I don't believe you still look that buff, but the walmart bag never lies. The mustache adds a nice touch. Tene