Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Way to go, 2.6 percent!

This week the most hilarious thing I've read was a Daily Herald article about Utah's Defender of Christianity, Dell Schanze. My favorite part is the sentence "Schanze said he turned down the plea agreement because the case makes a mockery of the court system and Christianity and promotes homosexuality." I can picture the writer trying to wrestle some coherence into the paragraph while showing this lunatic's side. And I do mean lunatic. Isn't one of the recognizable signs of schizophrenia a conviction that everyone is against you, and nothing you have done is your own fault? "It's impossible for me to be reckless driving." Really?

Saying that the media destroyed his business is a lot like saying my pants have destroyed my butt's smell.

His entertaining blog has a list of awesome quotes. Yeah, you're not cocky, you just put a list of YOUR OWN inspirational quotes on your blog. And they are truly pearls like "Wanting is the first step to getting."


Joel's Other Sister said...

I love that he puts his name after EVERY SINGLE QUOTE.

Just in case you didn't remember who said this, its Dell Schanze (aka SuperDell).

And I know that some of these are HIS quotes:
"If you take care of your customers then your customers will take care of you" Wow! That's the first time I've ever heard that!

And about that quote: Really Dell? How come you went out of business then?

Joel's Other Sister said...

"I am not the judge of my fellow man, I am, can, and am commanded to judge each person by their level of spirituality."


Montgomery Q said...

"Really Dell? How come you went out of business then?"
Because the satanic media is against christianity and is trying to promote homosexuality by destroying any business owned by a christian. Get it?

Joel's Other Sister said...

"If you want freedom then take it. Enforce Utah State Law and see to it the ONLY eligible candidate is appointed Governor of Utah. I am the legal Governor of Utah. It is that simple."

He is the legal governor of Utah. Who knew?

Boy Mom said...

A true master knows it is wiser to play those that beat you because if you always play people that suck you will only learn to beat sucky players. - Dell Schanze

Maybe Master SuperDell is just setting himself up to be beat by the courts so that he will increase his unsuckishness factor.

sugarbritches said...

I smell a sitcom! That wacky lovable super dell! He so crazy. (sh**t head)

Montgomery Q said...

Sugarbritches, why do you worship Satan?