Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thanksgiving of Danger

Last year, we had the incident of some excessive drinking, my overmedication, and a big fight which led to my brother walking out with his kid before we even sat down to eat.

He wasn't there this year, and all alcohol and drugs were banned, so it was assumed that it would go somewhat more smoothly.

After eating a nice Thanksgiving feast at Mandi's parents in Sandy (her dad's name is Randy and the yams? Candied.) we went to my sister's house in Orem. She has been really worried about this for some reason, and has had the table set and decorations ready for about 3 weeks. She really went all out with the decor and preparations.

After I said the prayer we dug in. Mandi had brought this big green glass dish with stuffing and she had warmed it up in the oven. Dorothy saw this and she put it on top of the stove on a hot burner to keep warm. You're not supposed to keep glass things on the stovetop burners. Did you know that? I did, but Dorothy apparently didn't. Some dude went into the kitchen. We hear this huge explosion and a calm but fervent "Ouch." He had tried to move the glass dish off the burner. As soon as he touched it it exploded, sending hot stuffing into his face and green glass shards all over the kitchen. There were seriously glass shards embedded into the cabinetry on the opposite side of the kitchen.

I don't get how he escaped serious injury. A Thanksgiving miracle!

I ate a lot. And drank a lot of juice, to my dismay, because once we finished the pitcher, we found a live wasp hanging out at the bottom. This was also Dort's fault, since she had put the pitcher outside on the porch to keep cool.

Afterwards we played speed scrabble and some Xbox. My mom was putting away some antique dishes that belonged to her mom. She went to sit down in a chair, and fell over backwards, still
holding the plates. It was agreed by everyone there that this humorous crash (that slightly damaged her wrist) was a perfect ending to the evening. I think she might have been breaking the no-alcohol rule. The End.


susan said...

I clicked on the family picture to make it bigger and get a closer look at the wall decoration between the two hutches. Very nice! Dorothy has excellent taste in home decor.

mandi said...

Dangit, because that wasn't just some old Stove Top stuffing. It had sage sausage and apples in it. It would have been delicious! Lesson learned: Never try.

This was a good Thanksgiving, but I kinda like your family more when they're drunk and fighting.

Peter said...

Speed Scrabble! You might be interested in Speed Scrabble Online. It's pretty nifty.

Oh, and glad this Thanksgiving was a little less "memorable". :)

Joel said...

Did you give some dude a polygraph test? Touching a hot dish = explosion. Was there a tinge of gunpowder in the air, perhaps?