Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Lesson for Today

Sometimes I get frustrated with clients. Were any of you aware of this? Like if a client says "Must show heavy-set, or chunky, gay male character(s) in every logo concept." That's the reason I started Random Illustration Tuesday: to have a little fun doing what I do every day: draw weird things. Sometimes it gets to me, though, and I want to punch people in the crotch.

But then sometimes (seldom) I get feedback like this:
"I would like to acknowledge the designer for this project! Splendid job on the airplane! I love it! The designer transformed my vision into a reality! Please tell the designer I said Many Thanks!"

And I get to thinking. Specifically, about Batman. If I used my punching power on clients instead of my artistic skills, I would be like Batman using his artistic skills on the criminal elements of Gotham instead of his awesome punching skills.

The lesson here is, I should be wise and use what I have to deal with what I gots.


Joel said...

That Batman illustration is awesome. I love it. Is that guy done with his criminal pipe smoking?

mandi said...


Sorry. Facebook has ruined my commenting abilities.